Added some plots of predicted vs. measured values for all of the "good" regen runs to date. The predicted values were obtained by using my design spreadsheet but with the actual chamber pressure, thrust, mixture ratio, mDot, etc. from the test data. Note that these runs span quite a period of time:
r = 2.54:   Test 2006-02-25-Run1
r = 1.49:   Test 2007-02-25-Run1
r = 3.48:   Test 2007-04-21-Run2
r = 1.73:   Test 2007-04-22-Run1
r = 2.07:   Test 2007-04-22-Run2

The run at r = 1.49 is somewhat suspect as there were some small steps in thrust and chamber pressure during the run so I think there may have been a partial blockage in one of the fuel or oxidizer orifices.

The main problem I see with these comparisons is that the trend of experimental data is almost exactly backwards from what I would expect. My leading theory at this point is my split triplet injector has such a concentrated core that at the higher LOX flows, much of the combustion is taking place outside the chamber.

Pre-test analysis


Thermal analysis

Test data analysis


Runtime vs. mixture ratio


Heat flux vs. mixture ratio


Chamber Hg vs. mixture ratio


Embedded TC vs. mixture ratio


Fuel exit temp vs. mixture ratio